Walt Disney’s Bambi DVD
Walt Disney’s Bambi DVD

Walt Disney’s Bambi DVD

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BAMBI is the story of a young deer calf, who will one day become the forest Prince. But en route is long. There are many things that he has to learn and there is much he must understand. Assisted his friends Thumper Bambi, the Owl and the shy skunken Flower, but also his ståtlige father. He is the only one who can save him from the dangers that lurk in the Woods.
Inspired by, among other Eastern bildberättarkonst, Walt Disney created a strong but poetical cartoons, where not only animals but also all of nature had life. BAMBI got multiple Oscar-nominated and Walt Disney's personal favorite. An unbelievable classics and a guaranteed memory for life. Based on a story by Felix Salton.

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