Talking to Addison by Jenny Colgan
Talking to Addison by Jenny Colgan

Talking to Addison by Jenny Colgan

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Holly is a frustrated florist who flees the houseshare from hell to move in with a motley crew of friends: there is Josh, a sexually confused merchant banker; Kate, a high-flying legal eagle with talons to match; and the gorgeous Addison, who spends his days communicating only with his computer. One glimpse of Addison, and Holly is smitten. Now the only problem is how to get him to swivel his chair away from the computer screen and his monstrously ugly -- not to mention fiercely possessive -- internet girlfriend Claudia, to see Holly's own adoring gaze. After a series of false starts -- involving new friend and mathematician Finn -- Holly coaxes Addison away from his virtual romance and out into the open. But "out in the open" spells unexpected disaster for Addison, and, curiously, Holly must help rescue him before her own future can begin to bloom.

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