Mrs Henderson Presents DVD - Cert 12
Mrs Henderson Presents DVD - Cert 12

Mrs Henderson Presents DVD - Cert 12

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Mrs Henderson Presents DVD - Cert 12 starting Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins 

Stephen Frears directs this comedy starring Judi Dench as Laura Henderson, a recently widowed socialite who refuses to spend the rest of her days grieving her late husband. When she discovers a derelict theatre in the West End of London she decides to buy it and make it her project. To help her run The Windmill Theatre she hires infamous showman Vivian Van Dam (Bob Hoskins) as her business partner and theatre manager. While the Germans continue to bomb the streets outside, The Windmill quickly provides a haven for those in need of solace and entertainment. Mrs Henderson, however, is not content with just providing entertainment; she wants to provide cutting-edge entertainment in the form of nudity. Will she be able to convince the reserved Lord Cromer (Christopher Guest) that naked ladies on stage will bring in the right customers? The all-star cast also includes Will Young, Kelly Reilly and Thelma Barlow.


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