Mo Mowlam, Momentum
Mo Mowlam, Momentum

Mo Mowlam, Momentum

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Mo Mowlam, Momentum. The struggle for Peace Politics and the People. 
She writes about the months leading up to the 1997 General Election, and Labour’s landslide victory; and what had gone on as she underwent treatment for a brain tumour while working towards that victory. She tells the inside story of her time as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. The characters and the chemistry of this time are analysed with the candour, warmth and humour that are Mo Mowlam’s trademarks.

After the Good Friday Agreement, Mo Mowlam was, somewhat controversially, moved to the Cabinet Office. Before the second landslide victory of 2001, she decided to leave Westminster politics, and, in MOMENTUM, tells us why – and her hopes and plans for the future.


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