Framed Print of Cornwall by Kevin Platt
Framed Print of Cornwall by Kevin Platt

Framed Print of Cornwall by Kevin Platt

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Cornish Print by Kevin Platt. 

Artist Kevin Platt (b.1945) studied at Oldham School of Art and later the Manchester College of Arts. Kevin Platt's paintings were created using a variety of techniques, as he was a master of textile and graphic design. He moved to Cornwall in the 1960s and focused mainly on seascapes, using vibrant yet realistic colors.

Kevin Platt’s collection of oil paintings includes harbors with docked boats, ships fighting at sea, and beautiful natural beach scenes. Artist Kevin Platt's classic townscapes still remained focused on the water, often drawing the eye towards the distant sea. Due to the popularity of his artwork, many of his seascape paintings were replicated on postcards and are considered collectible items.  


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