Flint by Paul Eddy
Flint by Paul Eddy

Flint by Paul Eddy

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Undercover cop Grace Flint is cool, quick-thinking and fearless under pressure. Until an operation to trap international money-launderer Frank Harling goes wrong - and Grace is almost beaten to death. After reconstructive surgery, Grace is physically restored to an icy beauty. But inside, her superiors fear that she has been irreversibly damaged. So when she insists on returning to duty - putting herself once again into the most dangerous situations imaginable, there are those who are certain she's going to crack. And when her new target by chance reveals a link to Frank Harling, Grace refuses to back off. Determined to track down the man who almost destroyed her, Grace is on a collision course with her worst nightmare...

Hardback book with tatty dust jacket,  secondhand. 


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