Doesn’t Time Fly? Aer Lingus - It’s History
Doesn’t Time Fly? Aer Lingus - It’s History

Doesn’t Time Fly? Aer Lingus - It’s History

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It is 75 years since Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national airline, took to the sky. This book not only charts the history of the airline, but also focuses on those who have worked for it and have flown with it. It draws heavily on the company s extensive archive of photographs, posters and advertisements, as well as the ephemera and memories of its staff. A social history of an airline, it chronicles the innovative ways in which Aer Lingus has met a plethora of challenges since 1936, and how it has always been able to adapt and transform itself. This is an indispensable book for anyone who has ever been connected with Aer Lingus, has boarded one of their planes, or is fascinated about how this most modern and revolutionary technology transported Irishness, as symbolised by the tail-fin shamrock, across the seas.

Hardback, secondhand. 


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