Cilla Black What’s it All About, Biography
Cilla Black What’s it All About, Biography

Cilla Black What’s it All About, Biography

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Cilla Black is a phenomenon of truly iconic proportions. Since debuting on the showbiz circuit in 1963 she's conquered the mediums of TV, comedy and pop! As a singer she has released 14 studio albums, in addition to two successful "Greatest Hits" packages and 37 singles, many of which have charted world-wide. Beginning her career alongside The Beatles in the local Mersey music scene, she went on to share the same manager Brian Epstein and the same producer, the legendary George Martin also and recorded at Abbey Road. During the sixties she managed to sustain her place at the forefront of the Brit-Pop music scene, having one of the most impressive starts for a British female recording artist which included 20 consecutive Top 40 triumphs on the singles and EP charts! Today Cilla is a British institutions star of such shows as "Surprise", "Surprise and Blind Date" and regarded as the first lady of UK television, with countless shows, industry awards and record breaking viewing figures to her name. But this is the public story. As she relates the story of her life to us for the very first time, Cilla will reveal what really happened. The good times, the bad times. The high points and the low points. The result is a exciting and moving autobiography, of a type that only comes along once in a decade.

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