Blackout by Chris Ryan
Blackout by Chris Ryan

Blackout by Chris Ryan

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Blackout by Chris Ryan - In London, Paris, New York, one by one the power systems get swtiched off in three of the world's major cities, plunging them into darkness and chaos. Is this the greatest terrorist spectacular since 9/11? Josh Harding, a battle-hardened SAS soldier, is working undercover on anti-terrorist operations, tracking the leaders of al-Qaeda. He wakes up in a ditch in the wilderness of Arizona. Two bullets have shot up his leg and his neck. His memory is gone. And the police are hunting him for murder. As Josh struggles to recover his memory, and to stay one step ahead of the police, he finds himself drawn into a deadly conspiracy. To stay alive, he must find out who he is, and why he was shot. And who is turning off the power around the world. "Blackout" is a terrifyingly realistic story of what happens when technology and terrorism combine.

Good secondhand condition, paperback. 


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