Tom Shields' Diary

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Tom Shields' Diary

This is a compendium of fun, insult and malapropism. For 12 years the "Glasgow Herald" has paid this man to delve into every aspect of Scottish society. It is a witty irreverent commentary on every aspect of Scottish life. It takes sport, religon and politics and mixes them all whenever possible. It chronicles the culture of Scotland in a down-to-earth manner; some may call it philistinism. It specialises in the curious use of language - Glasgow patter, braid Scots, and there even a few jokes in the Gaelic The targets are many: from bampots to Burnsians, advocates to accountants. This book is also a gazetteer of Scotland's humour: a guide to Kilwinning, Aryshire's Burgh of Culture; Greenock law; Culture City; Clottie City; and Furryboots City. It includes hundreds of crazy photographs and signs that have illustrated his column over the years and contains more than a thousand joles, anecdotes, aphorisms, quotes and stories.


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